How to Prepare for an IRS Tax Audit Defense

An audit by the IRS does not have to be a horrible experience, and you can come through it unscathed. To increase your chance of a successful audit, you should prepare a strong audit defense. Your preparation should start the moment you receive notice from the IRS and continue through the weeks leading up to […]

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How Can I Reduce My Chances of an IRS Audit?

There is no way to completely avoid an audit by the IRS, since many of the files chosen for review are determined completely by random. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce your chance of being selected. Many of the same actions can help you even if you do end up […]

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What to Expect from an IRS Tax Audit

Most people live in fear of receiving a letter from the IRS informing them that they have been selected for an audit. However, you do not necessarily have anything to fear from an IRS audit. Most people who have been selected for an audit are done so randomly based on an entirely statistical […]

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