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By Helping Your Clients Resolve Their Tax Issues

Are you an accountant or tax preparer with clients who are facing a difficult tax dispute? At Fidelity Tax Relief, we offer comprehensive tax resolution services for your client’s that are experiencing complex tax issues with local, state or federal revenue agencies. Whether an individual or business, you can feel confident referring your client to us with their tax problems. We have the ability to handle the most challenging tax matters anywhere in the United States.

We are a BBB accredited Tax Relief services firm with over 20 years of experience representing clients to the IRS

We are staffed by tax resolution specialists, accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents. This unparalleled expertise allows us a thorough understanding of the rules and procedures of the federal tax system. Over the years, we have been able to save clients millions of dollars in tax liabilities.

When you refer your client to us, we will take care of all matters related to your client’s tax dispute, including phone calls and letters. We will prepare any necessary forms and be your client’s advocate in all hearings or proceedings. With your client’s approval, we will also keep you informed of the status of your client’s tax situation.

You Can Earn In One of The Following Ways:

  • 1. Earn $250-$400 per Signup (no lead payout). Read more.
  • 2. Earn $40 per tax debt lead and receive a $100 bonus per signup. Read more.
  • 3.Pay Per Call Tax Relief Consultation Campaign: Earn $30-$50 Per Call. Read more.
  • 4. Earn 10% from Referring other Affiliates Read more.

1. Pay Per Sale Campaign For Debt And Tax: Earn $350-$500 per Signup

Every person you refer that gets a free evaluation for tax debt relief, and when they enroll in our tax relief program you earn a commission.

*You are paid your commission upon the first successful deposit of the client.

See the Table below for potential earnings:

Number of New Clients You Refer/Month You Earn Per Signup Total Monthly Earnings (Assuming Max)
0 to 5 $300 $1,500
6 to 10 $350 $3,500
11 to 15 $400 $6,000
16 to 20 $450 $9,000
21+ $500 Unlimited

2. Pay Per Lead Tax Debt Relief Consultation Campaign: Earn $40 per Lead and receive a $100 Bonus per Signup

Earn $40 per qualified tax debt lead (And 10% of the commissions of all referred affiliates)! While we feel that for quality traffic and leads, you will earn more with the pay-per-signup plan, we also have a pay per lead program for tax debt relief consultations. After you sign up as an affiliate for the standard pay-per-signup program (described in more detail below), you can apply under Promotions Campaigns for the pay-per-lead tax consultation program following the instructions listed. Once approved, you earn $40 per valid lead (who immediately confirms his/her phone number via an automated real time system) as well as 10% of the commissions all the affiliates you refer earn. In addition to the pay per lead payment for valid leads, you also receive $100 per successful enrollment from your leads.

3. Pay Per Call Tax Relief Consultation Campaign: Earn $45-$55 Per Call

Place a unique toll-free number on your website (or marketing materials) and get paid $45 per valid call that lasts over 6 minutes. For calls lasting over 20 minutes, get paid $55 per valid call. A valid call is during business hours where the caller presses 1 that he/she would like a free consultation, 1 again that he/she has $10,000 or more of unsecured debts and lives in a state we operate in. See program details when you apply. To sign up for the pay-per-call program, you must apply for approval to receive a free toll free number. Click here to apply.

4. Earn 10% from Referring other Affiliates

Do you know other accountants or tax preparers? Do you know other webmasters who have a financial related website that attracts visitors who may be in need of debt relief? Are you in contact with CPAs who know people needing financial help? Do you have an organization of people looking to supplement their income? If so, then refer them and earn! Let’s assume you have referred 10 affiliates. You earn 10% of their referral commissions every month, regardless of the number of affiliates you refer. For any business, lead, joint venture, etc. questions, please contact us with your site, traffic, phone number, and concept of how we can work together – we are committed to do all we can to make it work mutually.

Amount of Business Your Refferals Do Monthly How Much You Earn Monthly (your 10% commission)
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$25,000 $2,500
$50,000 $5,000
$100,000 $10,000

Why Should You Trust Fidelity Tax Relief?

Fidelity Tax Relief is a small but dedicated firm of tax experts ready to help you resolve your tax problems. Learn why you should choose us as your representatives to the IRS.

The Fidelity Resolution Model

Fidelity Tax Relief’s 5 Step Model was designed to provide optimal service and operational excellence throughout the tax resolution process. It keeps the client at the center and is triggered as soon as the client contacts us, which typically occurs after the IRS has taken collection action or sent a letter. Read more about or commitment to transparency and our Resolution Model here.

Over 20 Years of Experience Dealing With The IRS

The tax professionals at Fidelity Tax Relief have more than 20 years combined experience handling tax relief solutions for clients. They have successfully negotiated with the IRS and State Tax agencies on behalf of our clients to reduce tax liability, stop collection action, and find acceptable solutions for the client and the IRS for a variety of problems, including wage garnishment and back taxes.

Favorable Solutions for the Client

Using our Fidelity Resolution Model, we find solutions that are in the best interest of the client. Our unique five-step approach continually focuses on the client and his or her needs. It begins with the definition stage, where we learn more about the client’s tax problems. Then, we evaluate the current situation and analyze the data to develop the best resolution for the client. Once we have discussed the solution options with the client and obtain approval, we start the negotiation process until we have reached a favorable resolution. Our services do not end there; once the client is in compliance, we coach him or her on how to avoid facing similar problems in the future.

Safe, Secure, and Transparent Process

At Fidelity Tax Relief, we recognize that we are handling sensitive information. That is why we use a very secure Specialized Tracking System to store our clients’ information that also helps us discover the best options for resolution. This program is similar to what the IRS uses for its own evaluation and assessment processes. We also keep our clients informed of the case status during every step of the resolution, including informing them of any IRS decisions.

Customer-Centric Service

Our business model is based on providing the best customer service possible to all our clients. We clearly state the expected outcome of the case before we start the process so that the client has a clear understanding of how we can help. Additionally, we assign our clients a dedicated Case Manager, who is there to answer any questions during any point in the process and ensure that everything is handled timely and appropriately. Our customer-centric business model values the client above everything else.

Start building a separate revenue channel and we’ll do all the work. Join our program today!

Call us today at 877-216-7188 if you have any questions or to get started.

What Our Clients Say

I can’t begin to describe how great Matt was with me and how much I appreciate how Fidelity Tax Relief resolved my tax issues. You need to promote or commend Matt. He was able to calm me down when I was stressed out. He was able to talk to me and make me feel at ease during all of our conversations. Every time I called him, he was very informed of all that was going on with my situation. I know I can be difficult sometimes but Matt always remained very calm and never raised his voice. He always listened to my questions and comments and managed to calm me down and reassure my confidence in Fidelity Tax Relief’s ability to resolve my tax issues. I really can’t say enough about Matt. Thank you Fidelity!
Allison P., San Antonio, TX
Dealing with an IRS problem is not easy and very stressful. Once I contacted Fidelity Tax Relief, Mike walked me through the entire process and explained everything to me. You guys were able to release the tax levy on my wages the very same day. These guys are the real deal. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Michael A., Charleston, SC
Fidelity Tax Relief agents were professionals and pleasant to deal with. My case was done in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. They reduced my debt 80% and I would recommend this company to anyone who needs help with IRS. Thank you Fidelity Tax Relief .
Lisa W, Los Angeles, CA
Once you experience a wage garnishment, you will never make a mistake with your taxes again. FTR was able to remove the lien within 24 hours! You guys are just experts at what you do! I would recommend this company without hesitation.
Lois D., Dallas, TX
I spoke to a tax consultant by the name of Lisa Foster. She was very helpful and answered all my questions I decided to hire Fidelity Tax Relief to handle my tax problem and receive phone calls and emails on a daily basis regarding the status of my account witch is great because I always know what going on with my case before i choose to go with Fidelity Tax Relief i shopped around and they by far had the best customer service and tax consultants of any resolution company i spoke with once again i wanna thank Fidelity Tax Relief for all they have done for me and i would recommend anyone who owes a debt to the IRS or state.
John A., Atlanta, GA
Fidelity helped me through the entire process and just did a great job resolving my tax issues. They were able to negotiate an outcome that was much better than I expected. I would recommend anyone that is facing a tax issue to contact Fidelity Tax Relief ASAP. Ask for Jesse, he’s amazing to work with.
Maria H., Little Rock, AR
If you’re looking for tax help, stop looking and hire Fidelity Tax Relief now!!! Right now!!! You won’t find a better team to handle your tax issues. I had 6 six years of unfiled returns and it felt like the IRS was on a personal mission to destroy me. Fidelity basically held my hand through the whole ordeal and now I make a very reasonable monthly payment. They handled it all with class and professionalism. Hire them right now for your problem! You’ll be grateful you did. Thanks Fidelity!
Andrew A., Chicago, IL
FTR was able to significantly reduce the amount that the IRS was garnishing from my paycheck. You guys are doing a great job helping me become compliant with the IRS and resolving my state tax debt as well. I truly appreciate your help and am very happy with your firm.
Laura S., Charlotte, NC
Fidelity Tax Relief helped resolve my tax issues in a expedient and professional manner. I enjoyed what should have been just a terrible experience and and I’m glad that I chose them to help.
Todd H., Pembroke, GA