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Victim of Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria? You Might Get Some Tax Relief

In a span of just a few weeks, the U.S. and the Caribbean experienced three deadly and destructive hurricanes: Harvey, Irma and Maria. The South Bend and Houston areas of Texas, most of Florida, and many of the islands in the Caribbean have experienced massive loss from which it will take years and most likely […]

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What Happens When You Owe the IRS Money?

There are many reasons that you might owe the IRS money. Perhaps you forgot to file, or you filed your return but simply could not pay the amount of tax you owed. Maybe you thought that you were paid in full, and then you underwent an audit and found out that you owe more money […]

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Missed Tax Day? Don’t Panic and Perform the Following Steps

American taxpayers were granted three extra days to pay their 2016 taxes, thanks to April 15 falling on a Saturday. Although this meant that taxpayers had until April 18 to file their taxes, there are still millions of people who forgot to pay their taxes. If you are one of them, do not panic. Instead, […]

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Filing an Extension for Your Taxes? Make Sure You Don’t End Up with a Large Bill

Tax day is just a few weeks away; are you ready to file? Or are you one of the millions of taxpayers who will decide to file an extension before the deadline to put off filing a return?

Although this is a legitimate option, and is the only viable one for many with certain investments and […]

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Why Filing Your Taxes by The End of The Year Can Reduce Entire Tax Debt By 90%

Did you remember to file your taxes for 2015? The due date to file your return and pay your bill was back in April, unless you filed for an extension to file. If that was the case, you still were to pay at least 90 percent of your estimated tax bill in April and submit […]

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Why This is the Best Time of Year to File Your Taxes with the IRS

At the end of the year, there is a lot going on. There are several important holidays during the winter, and many people find themselves spending a lot of money by buying gifts for friends and family, splurging on treats for themselves, and paying for holiday travel.

You might not think about December as tax […]

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IRS Agents Reveal the Secrets to Resolving Your IRS Back Taxes

The IRS is a powerful agency; in fact, it is the most powerful collection agency in America. As such, when you find yourself owing back taxes, it can become a huge nightmare. Luckily, there are legitimate ways to resolve your federal back taxes that might even save you money. Learn more about these little-known programs […]

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How Donald Trump Will Affect Owing Money to the IRS

To the shock of many, Donald Trump won the presidency this week. Now, many are speculating in earnest what a Trump presidency will look like. Some have hope that he will be a strong leader that will truly “Make America Great Again” like he promised. However, many are in fear of how his presidency, and […]

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Bankruptcy and Your Taxes: What You Need to Know

When you find yourself overwhelmed by debt, you might start searching for options to help you get out from underneath such a burden. For many people, the best course of action to take is bankruptcy. Prior to submitting all the forms to complete your bankruptcy, it is important you fully understand how it affects your […]

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Important Update on the Denial of Passports Due to Federal Tax Debt

Last November, we wrote a blog informing you about a proposed bill that would deny passports to U.S. citizens who have extensive tax debt. On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed that bill into law. It is now Public Law No: 114-94, known as the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or “Fast Act.” […]

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