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Fidelity Tax Relief is a for-profit tax relief company.

Although we charge for our services, we pride ourselves on putting the focus on the client first. We try to do what we can to ensure a positive outcome for every single client, as well as facilitate a positive customer service experience. To ensure that we continue to offer the best experience possible, we have created this survey to gain a better understanding of what our clients and potential clients want and expect from us.

We recognize that there are many people who are hesitant to use tax relief companies because of the influx of companies scamming customers out of their hard earned money or potentially conducting identity theft. Other people do not wish to pay a company to handle something they believe they can do themselves. There are many other inherent prejudices against the industry. We feel that the better we understand them, the better we can represent our company and services to potential clients, as well as perform our tax relief solutions.

For answering the following questions, we will provide you with something. We are very grateful that you will take the time to participate in this information gathering survey. If you have anything else you would like to share with us, please email your comments or questions to this email.

Please answer the following questions about the tax relief industry in general:

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