IRS Levy Your Bank Account?

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Are You Facing Enforcement Action From the IRS?

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you could be facing a wage garnishment, bank levy, and tax liens. Rather then ignore the IRS, the smart option for taxpayers is to consider an IRS Settlement Agreement.

  • Remove Stress From Your Life
  • Settle with the IRS and Get a Fresh Start
  • Save Thousands of Dollars on What You Owe

Over 20+ Years of Experience Representing Clients to the IRS. Get Relief From IRS Debt And Solve Your Tax Problems Today!

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Recent IRS Wage Garnishment Results

Below are some of the recent IRS garnishments we have stopped.

Name State Type Stopped Date
James L. SC Bank Levy 24 Hours 7/10/2015
David H. CA Bank Levy 24 Hours 6/29/2015
Sam A. FL Wage Garnishment 12 Hours 6/26/2015
Sheila H. AZ Bank Levy 24 Hours 6/24/2015
Ben A. NJ Wage Garnishment 24 Hours 6/22/2015
Olivia L. CA Bank Levy 48 Hours 6/19/2015
Thomas C. NJ Wage Garnishment 24 Hours 6/17/2015
Edgar C. CA Wage Garnishment 24 Hours 6/15/2015

Why a Tax Resolution Specialist?

Before Contacting the IRS, it may be wise to get a free case review from a tax resolution specialist. The fact is, when you contact the IRS yourself, your likely to speak to a front line collector. The front line collector’s sole responsibility is to collect your debt for the full amount as quickly as possible, not to settle your debt for considerably less, which is the goal of a tax resolution specialist.

Taking advantage of free case review by a tax resolution professional can provide you with a fair and honest assessment of your IRS settlement options. Help remove your stress and take and let Fidelity Tax Relief take the IRS burden off your shoulders.

A Tax Levy Permits The IRS to:

  • Garnish Your Wages
  • Bank Account Seizures
  • Seize Social Security Payments
  • Procure Accounts Receivable
  • Acquire Your Insurance Earnings
  • Seize Real Property

Why Fidelity Tax Relief?

Depth of Experience

Our tax team has over 20 years of experience representing clients to the IRS, so there is little we have not seen. Whether you are facing a large collection action or it is a simple back tax filing, we can assist you in putting this situation behind you once and for all.

Achieve Best Results

At Fidelity Tax Relief, our goal is to position your case to qualify for the best resolution available. We help structure a payment option that works best for your budget and pays off any tax debt in a timely manner, minimizing the accumulation of interest. Our team is trained to make the most out of every Resolution given the guidelines that are in place.

The Fidelity Resolution Model

Unlike many firms, Fidelity Tax Relief will conduct a complete investigation into your specific tax situation prior to enrolling you into our Resolution Program. Fidelity will earn your business during the Investigation phase and determine whether or not we can provide a beneficial solution before you pay any fees towards the Resolution phase.

Superior Customer Service

You will have a designated Case Manager and the support of our first class customer service team. At Fidelity Tax Relief, our clients are our first priority and you will always have access to our representatives and the status of your case. We limit our assigned caseloads so a high quality of work can be sustained and you will always know the status of your case.

An IRS Levy is a Serious Matter

A tax levy allows the IRS to seize your property as a result of unpaid taxes. If you are worried about, or faced with, a bank levy, Fidelity Tax Relief can help you. Take a moment to respond to a few simple questions so that we may connect you immediately to experienced tax relief professionals and lawyers – professionals who have already proven successful at removing countless bank levies.

Get a free tax relief consultation from tax relief professionals and lawyers to prevent potential bank levies, or remove existing bank levies. Get started by using a simple form:

Bank Levy Assistance

A bank levy occurs when the IRS orders your bank to seize the funds in your account and send them to the IRS as payment for back taxes owed. When taxpayers ignore IRS warnings or wait too long to respond to IRS collection letters, they run the real risk of having their bank account frozen and funds removed. Regardless of your tax situation, don’t wait for IRS collection and enforcement action to get more serious. Get tax relief now for bank levy assistance.

Don’t take a chance; take action. If you or a loved one is suffering from tax debt, you have come to the right place. Our staff consist of a highly experienced and trained staff of certified tax specialists whose only mission is to remedy your IRS problems and get you back in good standing.

We want to support and guide you during this difficult time. Relief is possible!

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Success Stories

Dealing with an IRS problem is not easy and very stressful. Once I contacted Fidelity Tax Relief, Mike walked me through the entire process and explained everything to me. You guys were able to release the tax levy on my wages the very same day. These guys are the real deal. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Michael A., Charleston, SC
Fidelity Tax Relief agents were professionals and pleasant to deal with. My case was done in a timely manner and to my satisfaction. They reduced my debt 80% and I would recommend this company to anyone who needs help with IRS. Thank you Fidelity Tax Relief .
Lisa W, Los Angeles, CA
Once you experience a wage garnishment, you will never make a mistake with your taxes again. FTR was able to remove the lien within 24 hours! You guys are just experts at what you do! I would recommend this company without hesitation.
Lois D., Dallas, TX
Fidelity helped me through the entire process and just did a great job resolving my tax issues. They were able to negotiate an outcome that was much better than I expected. I would recommend anyone that is facing a tax issue to contact Fidelity Tax Relief ASAP. Ask for Jesse, he’s amazing to work with.
Maria H., Little Rock, AR
If you’re looking for tax help, stop looking and hire Fidelity Tax Relief now!!! Right now!!! You won’t find a better team to handle your tax issues. I had 6 six years of unfiled returns and it felt like the IRS was on a personal mission to destroy me. Fidelity basically held my hand through the whole ordeal and now I make a very reasonable monthly payment. They handled it all with class and professionalism. Hire them right now for your problem! You’ll be grateful you did. Thanks Fidelity!
Andrew A., Chicago, IL
Called Fidelity and my case manager was Thomas Extremely helpful and professional. Thomas helped me resolves just a huge IRS debt that had me up at nights worrying. Just a great firm with great people. Thank you Fidelity!
Daniel G., Milwaukee, WI