How Much Can We Save You?

Did you know the U.S. tax code is approximately 75,000 pages long? At Fidelity Tax Relief, our tax resolution team is intimately familiar with every rule, statute, and exception to ensure our clients pay only the absolute minimum on their back taxes.

Once we understand your specific situation, our case managers first begin working to protect you by providing immediate relief from aggressive collection activities and our tax resolution team begins working to qualify you for the Fresh Start initiatives. We take into account your financial situation, hardships, and the law to find you the best possible resolution.

Find out what resolutions are possible by completing a few simple questions and you will receive a report of what resolutions might be possible for your case.

Resolve your tax issues today!

Don't Lose Your Income.

Did you know the IRS has no maximum amount of money they can take when garnishing your wages? They have an amount calculated for which you are exempt from paying. This is the amount they believe you need to live, based upon your filing status and deductions. Once they have calculated how much you need per month to live, based upon a tax table calculation, they will take the rest of your paycheck and apply it towards your tax debt.

Haven’t received the first letter from the IRS?

Just because you haven’t received your first letter doesn’t mean the IRS has forgotten about your tax liability. The pandemic may have slowed things but it will not stop the IRS from making sure that you pay your debt in total. This means that this is when you should take expert advice from Fidelity Tax Relief and make your case.

This is the time to seek tax relief. Fill the form and let the experts at Fidelity Tax Relief give you a free, no-obligation report in a matter of seconds. That will let you know what you have to do next.  

Act Before It's too late.

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Success Rate with the IRS.

Our Success rate negotiating settlements with the IRS is 98.3% and it’s not because we work magic, it’s because we only bring on cases that we know we can qualify.  We’re not here to make false promises or waste your time.  We are here to help our clients resolve their tax debt to the best of our ability.  In fact, our tax resolution team last year saved our clients over $11,348,055.27.  Let us put our experience to work for you.

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