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Thank you for reaching out to us. You’ve taken the first important step to getting IRS tax relief. We look forward to providing you with a FREE confidential analysis.

1. Our tax resolution experts will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours.

2. Your tax relief specialist will take the time to listen to your tax situation, then provide you with a review of legal tax debt relief solutions available to you.

3. You will also receive a welcome email from one of our supervising Case Managers. Please ensure you receive this and it’s not in your spam folder. If you do receive this email in the next 15 minutes, please email David Young at david.young@ftrelief.com.

4. You may request immediate assistance to resolve your IRS tax issue or to stop wage garnishment, tax liens, or a bank account levy.

If you currently are dealing with an IRS wage garnishment or bank levy, please call us immediately!. These are time critical issues that require immediate action.

At Fidelity Tax relief, we have over 25 years of experience representing clients to the IRS. We know we can help you get your IRS problem resolved quickly as possible.  Please visit our testimonials page or our case study page to see what kind of savings we’ve achieved  for our clients.

Thanks again for trusting us with your tax issues and we’ll be in touch shortly.

The Fidelity Tax Relief Leadership Team.


I never want to go through something like that again but if I did, I want you guys by my side. Throughout the whole process Fidelity Tax Relief and its agents were attentive and professional. And the service I received from Thomas was excellent and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is dealing with the IRS. Thanks for all of your help
Beverly V., Minneaplois, MN
Couldn’t have expected better. Thank you FTR for resolving my huge problem. Call FTR, they will settle your problem in weeks, not months. I think they have a back door to the IRS. Thank you all so very much!!!
Jeffrey H, Philadelphia, PA
Brenda deserves a raise! She guided me through the entire process and resolved my tax problems. Thank you Fidelity!
Ronald W., Atlanta, GA
To everybody at Fidelity Tax Relief who helped me negotiate a settlement, thank you! You guys are the best! I will tell everybody I know what you guys did for me. God Bless!
Robert R., Los Angeles, CA