How Much Does Tax Relief Cost?

A common question asked is “what do we charge for our services?”.

While it may not be the most helpful answer, the truth is that “it depends”.

Tax resolution can be as simple as filing back taxes and as complex as defending an audit or structuring an offer in compromise. And without understanding your specific situation, it’s impossible to know how much work will be involved to resolve your case. Will our tax attorneys or CPAs need to get involved and if so, to what extent?

Having said that however, we are one of the most affordable if not most affordable tax relief firm in the nation.

We don’t buy expensive radio or television ads nor do we have a celebrity spokesperson. We’re a small family run firm that generates most of our business through referrals and word of mouth. We are a member in good standing with the National Association of Tax Resolution Professionals and maintain an A rating with the BBB.

Time is running out!​

When you owe money on your federal taxes, one of the common collection actions taken is IRS tax garnishment, typically on your wages or salary. Wage garnishment can leave a person with very little money on which to live. 

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