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We Provide Guidance and Support

Owing money to the IRS is something that millions of Americans have dealt with at one time or another. The IRS can be very intimidating, but there is hope – Fidelity Tax Relief is here to provide you support and guidance during this difficult time. Using proven IRS tax debt relief strategies, our knowledgeable experts can assist you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening. In some cases, you may be able to have an IRS tax settlement that reduces your tax liability by up to 90 percent. The federal tax relief experts at Fidelity Tax Relief are available to be your dedicated resources and work on your behalf to save you the most money while resolving your IRS debt in the timeliest fashion.


We Can Help

icon-approvedSpecialistsEstablish an IRS Debt Settlement

icon-approvedSpecialistsFile an Offer in Compromise

Remove Wage Garnishmenticon-approvedSpecialists

icon-approvedSpecialistsStop a Tax Lien

icon-approvedSpecialistsReduce Tax Penalties & Interest

icon-approvedSpecialistsPrevent Levy & Seizure

icon-approvedSpecialistsResolve Delinquent Payroll Taxes

icon-approvedSpecialistsFormulate an IRS Audit Defense

icon-approvedSpecialistsFile Tax Extensions

icon-approvedSpecialistsDevelop Tax Resolutions

icon-approvedSpecialistsPerform Income Tax Preparation

icon-approvedSpecialistsCreate Custom Tax Solutions

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Our Process

Free Consultation

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Review & Advise

Establish client protection
Retrieve all records of IRS account
Review options from case summary
(2-4 weeks)


Negotiation & Compliance

Negotiate best resolution
Achieve IRS compliance
(3-9 months)


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