Consequences of not filing or not paying taxes

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What Are the Risk Factors for Receiving an Unexpected Large Tax Bill?

Although anyone may find him- or herself owing a significant amount of money to the IRS due to back taxes, there are some instances that make you more susceptible to having a tax bill that you cannot pay. Once you find yourself unable to pay the one bill, it may quickly spiral until you have […]

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Your Rights as a Taxpayer Part 2: The Right to Quality Service

Last week in our series looking closer at the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, we looked at number one, which was the Right to be Informed. Closely related to that right is this week’s focus, number two: The Right to Quality Service. With this right, you are assured prompt and professional service from […]

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What to Do If You Receive an Audit Notice from the IRS

If you are one of the millions who filed their return in April rather than requesting an extension to October, you can now sit and relax because you have filed and paid your taxes on time. However, many taxpayers never fully relax, as they sit around with a fear of receiving an audit notice from […]

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Your Rights as a Taxpayer Part 1: The Right to Be Informed

Although many people distrust or even fear of the IRS, the agency actually strives to help taxpayers as much as possible. Much of the dislike stems from having to part with hard-earned money and hearing scary stories of people getting audited and ending up with debt, wage garnishment, property seized, or worse. It doesn’t help […]

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Missed a Payment on Your IRS Installment Agreement? What You Need to Know

The IRS makes it easy to sign up for an Installment Agreement to pay your taxes over time when you find it difficult to pay the entire amount upfront. If you are an individual who owes less than $50,000 in the total amount combining the tax, interest, and penalties, you can apply online for an […]

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Forgot to File Your Tax Return? The 3 Things to Do

Life gets so busy that it becomes easy sometimes to forget to do even the most important activities, such as filing and paying your taxes. Even though taxpayers had an extra day to pay their taxes this year, thanks to a glitch in the online payment page on the IRS website that led to a […]

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Expecting a Tax Refund? Make Sure You Don’t Owe Money to These Agencies

With tax day just a few days away, many people wait in expectation their tax refund. This money might go towards a new TV, vacation, or another luxury item; paying down credit card debt; adding to a savings account; or many other options. Unfortunately, some may find their dreams of a vacation ending early when […]

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This Year’s Top 5 Tax Return Red Flags for an Audit

Are you sitting there afraid of getting audited by the IRS? The chances are very slim, as last year the IRS audited less than 1% of tax returns in 2017, and experts estimate this year to have even fewer. Certain things, such as owning a business or earning in the top percentile of people, […]

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Have Bitcoin? Make Sure to Claim It On Your Taxes

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have become increasingly popular over the past few years. With the value of bitcoin growing, more and more investors have put their gaze on Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrency. One Bitcoin at the time of publishing sits around the $7,000 mark, but it was just a few months ago that it […]

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